Tuesday, April 12, 2005

wot a wanka

fuck you, Jamie Wodetzki, you fascist yuppie. I could have guessed that you were male even though you didn't mention it at any point just from the derogatory way in which you described the women who 'served' you as "chicks'. who the fuck do you think you are? your $20 breakfast could feed a family in Delhi for two months, and feed them well. And you sit there like some fat, white bitching fuck complaining that these 'chicks' didn't lick your flabby ass enough?Maybe they didn't want you to come back, maybe they don't care if you come back. What would you know about communist Russia you capitalist pig. How about a little respect for the workers who sweat it out thru a busy weekend breakfast shift in Fitzroy or anywhere else, just trying to make an honest living without mugging your grandmother, doing extremely an unrewarding and under stimulating job for very low pay .I hope you die of syphillis.